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Our customer service is our #1 selling point. We take great pride in creating loyal fans one lawn at a time and it shows in our reviews. Prepare to have one of the best lawn maintenance experiences possible with CNM Lawn Services, and rest easy knowing you will be taken care of as if you are our family! Last year alone, over 200 Florida families chose CNM Lawn Services to help them with their Lawn Care needs.

Weed Eating

-As a professional who has mowed lawns for 15 years. Let me tell you, when it comes to getting that tight look in the lawn it’s all in the weedeating. Weedeating and edging are the fine tools that make the lawn stand out. Without sharp edges, the rest of the lawn just falls flat. In my experience, weedeating like a pro takes three things professional equipment, technique, and thick green grass.

Trimming + Edging

Trimming and edging is an integral part of quality lawn maintenance. Trimming near the edges is just as important as the edge itself to a polished look. Here at CNM Lawn Services we think that trimming and edging your lawn are two of the best ways to really make your lawn look awesome. If you only mow there is a very noticeable difference in the look. It just looks unfinished.

Pressure Washing Houses

Whether you are looking to deep clean your residential property or seeking to enlist regular pressure washing services for your commercial property, turn to CNM Lawn Services! Our Jacksonville, Florida pressure washing professionals are backed by the extensive experience and in-depth training necessary to rid your property of stubborn stains, grease, pollutants, dirt and other unwanted elements.

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